Loss of a Spouse is Ranked #1 Stressor

-according to the Holmes & Rahe stress scale

  • Death of a Spouse- 100
  • Divorce- 73
  • Marital Separation- 65

One of the most stressful events a person can go through in their lives is the loss of a spouse.  Life is completely transformed, and nothing is the same.  Grief can be a long process and we are honored to be able to come alongside widows and widowers and be a help in their unique, individual journey.  We partner with widows in the following two ways:

Community Groups

Being involved in strong, empathetic community is an important part of the journey of grief.  We offer bi-weekly local community groups for widows to gather for support and encouragement in a safe, friendly setting.


A few times a year, we gather with widows from all over the area to discuss issues pertaining to widowhood including home skills, emotional and physical health, and the importance of community.  It’s a great resource for widows to connect with others and learn skills for a new phase in life.

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