Since 2012 Widow Wednesday has been funded solely by our founders and a few friends & family who believe in our vision. We have never done a fullscale campain to fund the cost of running this organization.

Widow Wednesday has been a labor of love started by the Chouteau family and we have enjoyed the privilege of watching it grow. Celebrating our fifth year of service to the widowed in our community and looking toward the future we realize it's time to invite other into our journey.

Widow Wednesday has outgrown what one family can do and we now have a small staff and are looking to expand. We have anual events that will continue and new events and outreaches we're excited to see come to life. Now is the time to invite YOU to be a part of the next phase of Widow Wednesday! Starting May 2017 we are looking for 500 partners to give at least $5 per month to help us as we work to connect every widow to someone who cares.

Since we began 5 years ago we have averaged anually giving financially in the following ways:

  • Christmas gifts to widows with children $2000 a year
  • Dominican Republic to help their widows $1000 a year 
  • Banquets $ 5,000-$7000
  • Valentine Day $900 a year 
  • Christmas baskets and Caroling $800 a year 
  • Home repairs: $2500 a year
  • Christmas lunching $500


We and our team of volunteers have given our time in the following ways:


  • In home visits
  • Online encouragement and conversations
  • Grief Siminars
  • Fall Rake Day
  • Valentine Rose and gift delivery
  • Christmas Caroling and gift basket delivery



Our monthly opporating expenses cover:


  • Web hosting and expenses
  • Small stipends for our two employees 
  • Widow project expenses not covered by donations
  • Incedentals for monthly projects




Connecting Every Widow To Someone Who Cares

Grief Care Basket

By giving $5 per month or $60 per year you will cover the cost of one "Grief Care Basket". This is a basket we give to recent widows in our community, hand delivered by a loving volunteer with books, giftcard, self care items and more. We try to taylor the gift to each widow or widower. Thank you for Partnering with us at this level!


Home Projects

By partering with us at $50 per month or $600 per year you're enabling us to continue reaching out and covering the practical needs of widows and widowers who may not be able to financially or emotionally care for themselves or their homes. Thank you for helping keep these widows and widowers safe! 


Fule Growth


By Partnering at $500 per month you're fuling growth here at Widow Wednesday. We have plans to expand personel as well as impact but this takes careful planning and resource we can count on. Thank you for partnering at this level and heping us move toward the future!