Start a Local Widow Wednesday

There is no official way to start your own local Widow Wednesday. It can be one friendship or you could mobilize a group to find and bring a whole community of widows together. It's a powerful opportunity to bring people and let the widows know they're not alone. 


Widow Wednesday is a movement not a day... we did Wednesday because it worked with our schedule. Choose a day that works for you and join the conversation online with #widowwednesday

Ways to Serve the Widow:

Take him/her out to lunch or dinner, better yet, invite them over to your house!

Have children in your family, neighborhood or church send him/her artwork or letters in the mail

Send cards on Mothers Day/Fathers Day, birthday or other special days

Offer to do Yardwork or simple Home or Auto Maintenance (and, of course, follow up on your offers!)

Create a list of trusted and reputable resources for repair/labor/financial services to help them avoid being taken advantage of in crisis situaions

Go for walks with them

Take them to a museum, park or zoo

Take them shopping or do basic shopping for them

Take them to medical appointments

Bring a homecooked meal, especially for widowers

Stop by for a game of checkers or cards