Grief and loss are subjects most prefer to avoid. Scripture tells us suffering and grief are to be expected and God's comfort is available.However, many believers experience spiritual conflict or crisis after a loss and feel unsupported by their faith community. We at Widow Wednesday have committed to bringing not only physical help to the widows in our community and encourage others to reach out but our vision is to see every widow we meet be welcomed into a community that can help them with the process of grieving and growing toward a healthy life after loss. This is why we host grief and loss intensives through out the year. This time around we are partnering with Kansas City Healing Community and special guest speaker, Virginia Mange.


The goal of this all day intensive is to provide assistance to those who are grieving and practical insights on how to minister to those who have suffered loss.

This intensive will:

Virginia Mange


Virginia Mange holds a Masters' degree in Nursing from Oral Roberts University. She has been a full time missionary for the past 30 years with Youth With a Mission (YWAM), serving mostly in Cambodia. Recently she has served with the International House of Prayer in the Healing Rooms and on Prophecy teams.  Her most recent role is with the Kansas City Healing Community (KCHC), as part of the Leadership team, assisting with the Discovering God course and now developing the Grief & Loss Course/Support Group.  She believes God has called us to heal & minister, through a community that follows Jesus example in Isaiah 61.
  • Describe loss, exploring why we have trouble with it
  • Define grief, tasks of mourning and the emotions & myths
  • Contrast what is and is not, helpful
  • Process how to say goodbye to the pain
  • Offer steps for building your life after a loss and pursuing your life's purpose
  • Offer supportive strategies & interventions

This free intensive is an all day event and while light refreshments will be provided please plan ahead for lunch or add the optional lunch ($12) purchase when you register. Looking forward to seeing you there! tranquil-shores-offers-support-to-clients-during-treatment-and-after