WidowWednesday-valentines-day-rose-give-away-hugHope your Valentine’s Day was as great as ours! Thanks to a handful of awesome volunteers we were able to visit 110 widows and widowers and give each one a rose, chocolate covered pretzels and Valentines card. Thanks so much for all who  made this possible!!!

The best part this year was that a few of the widows were signed up by friends or family and had no idea we were coming! It was such fun for us and such a blessing to them to have a little surprise and conversation… and don’t forget the hugs!

Some friends in Arkansas posted on our Facebook page that our event had inspired some 5th grade students to reach out to some of the widows in their community! this little group of guys visited 27 widows!
Arkansas Widow Valentine's Roses Here’s a picture they posted doing their part in NW Arkansas by delivering flowers, homemade cards and candy grams on Valentine’s Day…
We are so proud that what started out as an idea in Jimmy’s heart is starting to spread across the country! Did you do anything for the widow or widows in your life for Valentine’s day? We’d love to hear about it! Comment below or connect on Facebook or twitter… Happy Widow Wednesday!