The weekend of Valentine’s Day 2016 brought quite a flurry of activity for us at Widow Wednesday.  Not only did we get to deliver roses to close to 150 widows across the Kansas City metro, but we were also featured in news articles and videos on television, radio, and news websites all across the nation!  We’re excited about the attention, not so we can look awesome and be famous, but because it was an amazing platform to share God’s heart for widows with so many people we would normally never be able to reach.  We’ve had an overwhelming amount of responses from widows blessed by the idea to others inspired to reach out to widows near them.  Several people requested info on how to start a Widow Wednesday in their area!  (Stay tuned for more info on that.)  It’s been exciting and we’re so glad to have such a loud voice for the cause of the widow.  We’re praying that many more will be moved to join in this work in one way or another.  Below is a list of just some of the stations that featured our story.  You can see a couple of the local outlets here.

Disney’s “Babble”-

KMOV 4- St. Louis, MO

Dayton Daily News- Dayton, OH

Hot Mom’s Club-

Fox 10 TV- Mobile, AL

Jam’n 94.5 Online- Boston, MA

Fox 23- Tulsa, OK

WFTV 9- Orlando, FL

WECT 6- Willmington, NC


WFXT Fox 25- Boston, MA

CBS 47- Jacksonville, FL

KIRO 7- Seattle, WA

WBTV 3- Charlotte, NC

WSOCTV 9- Charlotte, NC